Top Commercial Painting Tips in Minnesota

From business parks to retail stores and even large commercial warehouses, more buildings are being completed every day in the greater Twin Cities, MN area. As these properties are completing the finishing work in order to wrap up their projects, there is a lot of painting, both interior and exterior, that needs to be done before the space is ready to open.

Commercial Painting Tips in Minnesota

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In Minnesota especially, painting is never an easy task. With snowfall and cold temperatures throughout the cold winter months and extreme heat and rain during the warm-weather months, this can turn commercial painting into a difficult task to complete. Then, aside from the weather, completing painting projects can be difficult if you’re not sure which finish to use, how much paint to buy and how exactly to apply it. In order to help you overcome these difficulties, we’ve put together our top commercial painting tips for the Minnesota area. Here they are:

  1. Recognize Your Location

The Twin Cities, MN area is an amazing area with a lot going for it. Yet, when it comes to painting, both interior and exterior paint needs to be adapted to deal with the extremes in temperature we get here. This means using high quality paint. Ensuring that you use high quality paint along with the right finish will make your room look great and stand up to whatever is thrown at it. Make sure you ask your contractor how their paint is developed to deal with both sun and snow.

  1. Check the Forecast

When the week arrives that you’re going to complete your commercial painting project, make sure to check the weather forecast, especially when completing exterior painting projects. Minnesotans know all too well how the weather can be fairly unpredictable, but make sure you complete your exterior painting projects during the non-rainy days. Also, look out for extreme humidity in the forecast as interior and exterior paint can have difficulty drying properly.

Early fall is sometimes the best time to paint, temperature-wise. The same thing needs to be remembered when completing epoxy flooring as the temperature can affect the curing process.

  1. Prepare Your Surfaces

It’s important that your exterior is clean before painting, as even with primer, paint won’t stick to grime, dust and mold. Utilizing a power washer is a great way to get rid of all the dirt and scum on the outside of your commercial property. If the siding of your property has been previously painted, this will need to be scraped or sanded in order to make sure the paint being applied will adhere to the siding. While it may be time-consuming, going through this process will mean the actual painting process will go much quicker and the result will end up looking great. When the exterior is clean, it’s also a chance to closely inspect for any damage and perform any needed repairs.

For interior painting projects, it is important that your walls are cleaned before painting. If there happen to be rough edges or surfaces, it’s best for these surfaces to be sanded down. Also, in the event that there are cracks in the walls, now is the time to address this issue with a professional. Caulking between the doors and walls is also advised for an extra smooth finish.

  1. commercial painting companyChoosing the Correct Color

Depending on the commercial property and the business’ brand, bold colors can be a great choice. One thing is clear however: it’s important to avoid overwhelming customers with intense color schemes. Sometimes all that is needed in a given area is a single accent wall, with the rest in neutral colors. For office and commercial buildings in particular, neutral colors are the best choice.

  1. Get Multiple Bids

Commercial painting is a demanding service – there is a lot of work that goes into preparing surfaces, choosing the best type of paint for the job, and choosing the right company. If you want the interior or exterior of your commercial building painted correctly, you not only need to follow our painting tips, but it’s also best to choose the best available commercial painting company. It’s important to shop around and get multiple bids on commercial painting. More importantly however, you need to see examples of previous work.

Commercial Painters In Twin Cities, MN

Now that you have our top five painting tips for commercial painting, you’re ready to get started! Knowing how the job is done is beneficial when choosing a painting professional to complete the job.

If you’re located in the Twin Cities, MN area, contact the team of commercial painters at Cascadia to receive the finest commercial painting service in the area. We have experienced painters who specialize in commercial painting, be it interior or exterior. Contact us for a quote today!