When Is It Time To Repaint Your House?

I can wait another year or two… right?

When To Repaint Your House

This is a popular thought homeowners have as they stand on their lawn and stare at their home exterior while wondering if they need to paint their house in the coming months or years. When homeowners reach the point of saying this thought it usually means they needed to repaint their home a few years ago, but didn’t entirely recognize it. 

Maybe the homeowner saw the paint starting to chip a little bit, but thought they could get through a few more years before painting. This situation occurs far too often because exterior paint is largely viewed simply as an aesthetic enhancement to homes and not something that 

protects the home itself. Homeowners believe this maintenance project can continually be delayed, but they’re actually increasing the risk of damage to their siding. Paint not only makes homes look good, but it also has many other benefits it provides.


Benefits Of Home Exterior Paint

Aside from the basic benefits of a sharp looking home with incredible curb appeal, having a properly painted home can have several benefits. First, applying a fresh coat of paint on your home is able to increase the overall value by creating a more desirable outside appearance. 

Another benefit of painting your home exterior is that it can extend the lifespan of your siding tremendously. By simply adding a new coat of paint, the original siding will not be as directly affected by whatever weather and sun intensity it encounters. By keeping away the sun, rain, snow and hail, the structural integrity of the vinyl or wood siding will remain strong. If paint isn’t applied, your wood siding can experience premature rotting, wear or algae growth on it.

While these benefits are great and all, how do you even know when to start thinking about painting your home exterior? At Cascadia, we come across many people wondering when they need to paint their home exterior as well, so we have put together a list of the top 4 signs to let you know that it’s time to paint your house.  

Here they are!


1. Paint Is Fading

Repainting A House

Though living in Minnesota comes with its many benefits of experiencing each unique season, these changing seasons can take a toll on your siding. Between the freezing snowfall during the winter months and the scorching summer sunlight, your home’s exterior paint can deteriorate due to the extreme weather. Oftentimes you will notice one or two sides of your house becoming increasingly faded because of their position in relation to the sun along with how protected they are from severe weather.

Whether the cause of the fading is because of old, weather affected paint or the previous paint used was not UV-resistant, it’s important to apply a fresh coat of paint on your house in order to extend the life and overall quality of your home siding. When you repaint, it’s important to choose a high quality paint which is UV-resistant, such as the premier home exterior paint products from Benjamin Moore, so your siding can be protected against harsh weather and sunlight.


2. Date Of The Last Paint Job

If several years have passed since you last painted the exterior of your house, it’s time to put a fresh coat on. Waiting any longer will only make the process more labor intensive as you will have to deal with extra damage or cracks/bubbles that have formed.

Different building materials require different timelines for painting, so here’s a quick rundown.

  • Wood: Depending on the previous paint used, wood siding can generally last between 5-15 years. While this may be a large timespan, there are many factors which contribute to the painting timeline. A few factors include quality of the siding, quality of the paint, weather conditions it experiences, and others.
  • Vinyl: Because vinyl siding is prone to fading over time, along with being regularly exposed to intense sunlight, painting this surface is not out of the question. Typically, vinyl siding will need to be painted every 10-20 years.
  • Brick: While bricks may be an incredible statement on the exterior of your home, ongoing maintenance will be a factor. In order to keep your painted brick looking pristine, you will likely need to repaint them every 3-5 years. Make sure you don’t cut any corners when painting brick because this surface is prone to paint chips and peeling.


3. Paint Is Cracking

When To Repaint Your HomeAnother issue due to time, and possibly the quality of the previously used paint, is the formation of cracks in the paint of your siding. Whether this occurs with brick, vinyl or wood siding, this is a tell-tale sign of needing service as it increases the probability of preventable damage.

This common sight usually occurs because of several different factors. One issue might have been the paint quality. When painting the exterior of your house, make sure to use the best quality paint since it will last longer because of its UV-resistance and durability. Another factor in causing your siding paint to crack may be because of a poorly prepared surface. If you don’t properly prepare the surface of your home exterior, the paint has an increased chance of pulling away from the siding and causing cracks and bubbles.

One other cause of cracks developing in your siding may be because of the age of the paint. Over time, paint begins to fade, break down and eventually lose its adhesion to your house’s siding. This can easily be prevented by performing regular power washing maintenance along with painting your home according to the above suggestions for each surface.


4. Poor Curb Appeal

The final sign to let you know that it’s time to paint your house is a culmination of the previously mentioned signs. 

Driving by a house with visible siding and window trim paint which is flaking off is never a desirable sight. When that house ends up being yours, you know it’s time to invest in new exterior paint. It’s one thing to notice a few areas where touch-up paint is needed while you’re right next to your home, but it’s another when you notice multiple areas, or your entire house, needing new paint when you’re viewing it from a distance. 

Not only will a fresh coat of paint breathe fresh life back into your home, but it will also give you confidence as you acknowledge that your home exterior is sharp and has great curb appeal.


It’s Time To Paint Your House!

Repainting Your Home - When To Repaint Your HouseNow that you know when to paint your house, it’s time to assess where your home is at. Are you noticing any fading paint on your house’s siding? Has it been 15 years since last painting your home? Are you noticing cracks in your siding paint, and are you seeing them from the road? It’s time to paint your home exterior.

At Cascadia, we understand home exterior painting can seem like a daunting task to many people. Between the planning and color choosing, to the exterior preparation work and the time it takes to complete the job; this home project can prove to be difficult. 

If you’re needing expert assistance with your home exterior painting, contact our experienced home painting professionals today, and we’ll walk you through how your home can get that much needed fresh paint job!