Best Paint Colors For 2021: New Colors For A New Year

A new year sparks the notion of a fresh start. It’s like a reset, where new projects and ideas can unfold and flourish. After the year we’ve been through, a new beginning is a welcomed thought. 2020 has been challenging for all of us. 

Not only was our way of life completely altered, but we had to learn to endure new stressors and adapt to a constantly changing environment. As we approach the light at the end of this global pandemic tunnel, there is no better way to transition into a new year than with a fresh coat of paint on your home walls that you’ve become well-acquainted with during this time. 

Each year is dominated by a palette of colors that weave their hues into the fabric of fashion, interior design and home furnishings. Continue reading to explore the new exciting hues of 2021.


Top Colors For 2021

With the previous year forcing us to stay indoors, the inspiration of this year’s color palette is the exact opposite. The natural landscape around lends its rich earth tones as the base of the new colors of 2021. These colors fall into three categories:


  1. Natural Blues 

Benjamin Moore has released its color of the year for 2021, and it’s name is Aegean Teal. This beautiful blue green hue pays homage to the sea from which it is named. 

In the same category, Grey Cashmere, at first glance appears to look like the traditional gray color, but quickly changes to allow a soothing seafoam blue to shine through. These calming blue tones work to reduce stress and anxiety. Since these colors evoke a sense of tranquility, they are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, or any other room you want to use to relax and unwind.


  1. Neutral Earth 

The earth grounds us, and it makes us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. The color Muslin brings with it the idea of the beach, walking along the water and feeling the fine sand under your feet. 

This is not the only new paint color of 2021 to originate from the earth. Amazon Soil is able to meld together the brown, grey, and purple hues of the soil into a single homogeneous color. 

In a similar fashion, Silhouette is another color that is able to blend together multiple tones with a deep grey base. The subtle red undertones make you think of wet stones being leisurely tossed in the ocean waves. These colors are comforting and can be used to create a homey, welcomed feeling. Therefore they are best used in common areas, such as a den, living room, or area where people gather.


  1. Soft Yellows 

The shade of yellow is associated with light. It’s bright and uplifting, which is a perfect mantra for a new 2021 paint color. Beacon Hill Damask pulls on historical colours of New England, this color is light while still maintaining a certain amount of depth, making it both warm and energizing. 

In a similar vein Chestertown Buff, has a soft yellow hue but combines it with a deeper red to create a unique relaxing yet upbeat color. Atrium White takes the warmth and softness of yellow hues and combines them with a crisp white. The subtle yellow undertones take a stark white, giving it richness and depth, creating an elegant and sophisticated color. These colors inspire productivity and energy, they are perfect for a home office, or a bedroom.


What Paint Color Will You Choose?

Colors have the unique ability to alter our emotions. After the challenging year we all experienced, we can help give ourselves a fresh start, simply with a coat of paint. With the high quality and lasting paint that Benjamin Moore offers, there is no doubt that your room’s transformation will be impeccable

If you are interested in giving your home a refresh this year, contact the paint experts at Cascadia. With their years of experience, and professional team, you can trust them with any interior or exterior painting project – big or small.