Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Painting Company

Are they legit?

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This is the biggest and most forefront question that races through the minds of homeowners or business owners as they search for a reputable painting company. Because of countless horror stories heard from friends and family saying they got ripped off by their painting crew, or how the service was terrible, there is a reason people are hesitant to hire a painting company.

However, there are ways you can narrow down and determine which painting companies are reputable businesses to hire. Being a high-end painting company ourselves, we understand homeowners’ desires for a clean, trustworthy and exceptional painting company. To help homeowners and business owners in their search for the perfect painting company, we want to equip you with the top four questions to ask your potential painting crew as you decide what business you will hire.

Here are our TOP 4 questions to ask:

What Is Your Service Area?

Ask questions before you hire your painting company

This question is a simple first step in determining who you will hire to complete your painting project. This can easily narrow down your selection of painting contractors by understanding where they are located and where they are driving from. Needing a company to start by 7:00am might be hard for a company located further away than hiring a local painting crew.

Another benefit to hiring locally is that they oftentimes will provide a more personalized service. Since they’re more aware of the surrounding neighborhood and have possibly worked on other homes in the area, they can recall the specific needs of the area’s homes. This might include the type of exterior paint needed to properly guard against the given sun exposure along familiarity with the specific style of home that is being painted.

What Products Do You Use?

The old adage “what you pay for is what you get” rings true in this case. If the painting crew doesn’t let you know about the brand or quality of paint being used, but simply chooses to paint with cheap, low-quality paint, you might want to steer clear. Not using high-quality paint, or other high quality painting tools for that matter, could leave your house needing to be repainted in 2-3 years versus 7-10 years.

In contrast, a painting company which tells you what paint they will use, its quality, and their reasons for using it, will leave a better impact on the property owner. Here at Cascadia, we love using Benjamin Moore paints as they are known for their high quality and long-lasting colors. In some types of redesign projects, using lower quality goods may be understandable. However, when it comes to finishing your home interior and exterior painting projects, it’s important to choose high quality paint.


Will There Be Timely Communication?

Especially if the painting project impacts your daily life at home or in the office, it’s important to have regular, reliable communication with the painting contractor. Hiring a painter who doesn’t share status updates on job progression simply leaves you unaware of what exactly is getting completed each day or week. This situation could also cause frustration as deadlines may be unexpectedly increased, or you may stumble upon a painting crew in your office when they aren’t supposed to be there.

Overall, it’s very important to make sure the painting company is known for, and will be able to commit to, clear communication. As the property owner, receiving timely project updates regarding completion time, along with various troubles or victories, is a must. It is very important to ask this question to the prospective painting company.

What Is Your Clean Up Process?

Coming home after a long day of work to find a huge pile of painting supplies and equipment in the driveway will definitely cause a problem. Before running into this issue, make sure to ask the painting contractors what their daily clean up process is along with their final project clean up. Once expectations are set, it is the painting company’s job to abide by the agreement made with the business owner or homeowner.

Though a painting project isn’t the easiest to keep clean, it’s important to communicate where supplies can possibly be left and what areas will need to be fully cleaned up each day. In the end, it’s about being courteous to the property owner and their expectations with cleaning up.

Now You’re Ready!

With these four questions, you should be on track to find the perfect painting company for your home or company painting project.

If you’re located in the West Metro area of the Twin Cities and needing a trustworthy painting company to hire for your company’s interior or exterior painting project, contact the professional painting crew at Cascadia today! We would love to work with you and tell you more about our high quality painting, staining and coating solutions.

Enjoy your new colors!