Exterior Painting


    Exterior Residential Painting Experts

    As painting professionals, we have experience with all types of siding including wood, vinyl, clapboard, metal, stucco and fiber cement. You name it, we can paint it. We will recommend the most appropriate paint for your home to ensure the quality and longevity of the finish.

    We stay on the leading edge of technology, embracing eco-friendly paints and stains that are environmentally safe, cover beautifully, and prolong the life of your home or business.

    The single biggest factor to a long-lasting paint job here in the Midwest region is your home’s location. Whether you live at the lake or in the plains, we consider the weather patterns, direction of sun exposure and future maintenance issues when choosing the correct paint and detailed preparations prior to painting for your area home or business.

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    If we find any existing conditions that need attention, we will address them with you, and take the appropriate steps to repair them so that you won’t have to give them another thought. Be sure to read about how we approach issues such as lead paint.

    Exterior Painting Services

    Surfaces and siding types we paint include:
    • Stucco
    • Concrete
    • Brick & Stone
    • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
    We specialize in painting all exterior parts of your home like:
    • Doors & Windows
    • Fascia & Eaves
    • Rain Gutters & Metal Flashing
    • Garage Doors & Front Doors
    • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
    • Architectural Woodwork
    • Decks, Railings and Patio Covers
    • Wrought Iron Fences & Railings
    • Perimeter Walls

    Wood Refinishing & Staining

    We no longer restore log homes. If you have a log home project, we may be able to refer you to a reliable contract who can help.

    Exterior Commercial Painting

    Repainting gives new life to any building, and having your place of business, condo, or other commercial building repainted every seven years is a good idea to maintain a professional look for customers or renters. Did you know that you can increase your ROI by up to 90% with exterior painting or staining? We’ll work with you to choose colors that will make a great first impression on your clients. Contact us today for more info!

    HOA Communities

    Is your HOA looking to repaint an exterior, re-stain the common area fences, or just paint all the doors? We have the experience and crews to help you get it done! Our organized, considerate labor force will work with homeowners in your community to coordinate and accomplish the great task of repainting your association’s biggest assets.

    Additional Services

    We do more than just exterior painting. Here are some of the additional services we offer:

    • Graffiti removal
    • Pressure washing & cleaning
    • Wood Repairs

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