Painting Your Garage Floor: Using Epoxy Floor Coating

Garages are incredibly versatile spaces. We use them to store our cars, as workshops for our various DIY or business projects, and even as spaces for entertaining guests. Because we get so much use out of our garages, it’s important to keep them in the best possible shape, including the floors. So what is the best floor covering for your

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Best Paint Colors For 2021: New Colors For A New Year

A new year sparks the notion of a fresh start. It’s like a reset, where new projects and ideas can unfold and flourish. After the year we’ve been through, a new beginning is a welcomed thought. 2020 has been challenging for all of us.  Not only was our way of life completely altered, but we had to learn to endure

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Top 10 Tips For Painting Your Home Interior

Home Interior Painting Tips A beautiful home starts from the interior. It isn’t just about the furniture and other accessories in the house. This is why you need to ensure that you get the painting right the first time.  Hiring a professional is one way to ensure your interior painting comes out well. But apart from that, you also need

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Guide To Choosing Interior Paint Finishes

High-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell… huh? You might be wondering why we’re talking about eggshells and satin as a paint company, but we promise there is a good reason.  While paint finishes can be a fairly confusing aspect of painting to sort out, they’re fairly simple to choose from when you know which one should be used for a certain job.

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Is It Time To Paint Your Home Interior?

Autumn is here, and with it comes gorgeous outdoor scenery, falling leaves and cooler temperatures. The summer season was an amazing time to spend every afternoon and evening outside enjoying the warm weather. However, now that the weather is cooling and you’re beginning to spend more time inside, it’s a great time to spend some time rethinking your home interior

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DIY Home Painting: How To Paint Your Home Exterior

“Just buy exterior house paint and start painting, right?” It makes sense to view painting the exterior of your house as simply buying exterior paint and begin to roll it on, but the process of properly completing this job is a bit more precise than what is mentioned above. There are many different aspects to take into consideration such as

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When Is It Time To Repaint Your House?

“I can wait another year or two… right?” This is a popular thought homeowners have as they stand on their lawn and stare at their home exterior while wondering if they need to paint their house in the coming months or years. When homeowners reach the point of saying this thought it usually means they needed to repaint their home

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Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Painting Company

“Are they legit?” This is the biggest and most forefront question that races through the minds of homeowners or business owners as they search for a reputable painting company. Because of countless horror stories heard from friends and family saying they got ripped off by their painting crew, or how the service was terrible, there is a reason people are

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