Guide To Choosing Interior Paint Finishes

Choosing paint finish for your home in Minnesota

High-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell… huh?

You might be wondering why we’re talking about eggshells and satin as a paint company, but we promise there is a good reason. 

While paint finishes can be a fairly confusing aspect of painting to sort out, they’re fairly simple to choose from when you know which one should be used for a certain job. Whether you’re painting your kitchen, living room, bedroom or your downstairs baseboards, there is a certain paint finish that works best for each of these areas of your home.

To help you pick out just the right paint finish for your home, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 paint finishes most commonly used throughout your home. 

Top 5 Paint Finishes

1. High-Gloss

This paint finish is a fairly self-explanatory one. Best used in the kitchen and bathroom areas, high-gloss paints are the most reflective paint finishes and have the greatest shine characteristic. These paints will definitely brighten up your home and give it that much-needed shine. Popular in these rooms for a reason, high-gloss paints are the easiest paint to clean and fairly durable.


painting services & choosing paint finishes in minnesota2. Semi-Gloss

Another popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms, semi-gloss paints are just what you would expect. While they do offer a gloss appearance, it isn’t as intense as the aforementioned high-gloss paint finish. This finish is also used with moldings, as it doesn’t have an extreme shine or reflection. Just like the high-gloss, this finish still provides an easy-to-clean and durable shine to your home.


3. Satin

Featuring a slightly less reflective sheen than the semi-gloss finish, satin is a great choice for family rooms and basement areas. Since it’s fairly easy to clean along with the fact that it shows a dull shine rather than a more reflective finish like the high- or semi-gloss paints, this is a great option for those looking to have a bit of shine without overpowering the area. While it offers less shine than the gloss finishes, it provides more reflection than eggshell paints.


Home painting Company In minnesota4. Eggshell

This paint finish is one which offers very little shine once it has dried. Eggshell paints work as a great option for lower traffic areas, such as dining rooms, which offer a dull glow rather than the shine of a Semi-Gloss finish.


5. Flat (Matte)

Just like it’s titled, a flat, or matte, paint finish is the most dull paint finish of the entire group. This non-reflective paint finish is the most difficult to clean, but it’s also the most covering when painting over textures or cracks. When you’re wanting to paint low-traffic rooms such as bedrooms, this will be your go-to paint finish.


Knowing the difference between paint finishes and where they’re best used in your home is an important first step in sprucing up your home. Applying the wrong paint finish to an area of your house will not only make the area less appealing, but it will also cost you more time and money since it won’t last as long or you will have to repaint the area.

Now all you have to do is choose your paint color!


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