Why Home Painting Preparation Is So Important

Who doesn’t want to live in a house that’s well-painted? Painting both the inside and the outside of your home in even coats of the right color shows your family, friends and neighbors that you have an eye for style. And when it comes time to sell your house, a good paint job can give you the curb appeal you need to attract buyers and land a sale.

However, something that homeowners may overlook is the importance of painting preparation. Whether you’re having the interior or the exterior of your home painted, surface preparation ensures that the paint will set in evenly and look amazing. The steps that you should take to prepare the interior and exterior of a house for painting differ slightly.


Interior Painting Preparation

When painting the walls inside of your home, the first step of surface preparation is to clean your walls thoroughly. Scrub away all of the dirt and grime with a wet towel. If there are large stains or marks on your walls, make use of a cleaning solution to wipe them off before rinsing your walls and allowing them to dry.

The next step of interior painting preparation is to get rid of old paint that is flaking off. This can be accomplished by scraping your walls with a piece of sandpaper. Removing this cracked old paint will prevent it from interfering with the new coat you apply.

Perhaps the most vital step of interior surface preparation is to repair any damages to your walls which will interfere with the paint job. Apply new plaster to areas that need it and fill in any holes or deep scrapes in your wall so that they will not be noticeable when the new paint color is applied. Otherwise, you might have to paint the interior of your home all over again!

The final step to interior painting preparation is to use a primer. Applying a primer will allow your new paint to better adhere to your walls and be more durable when it dries. Using primer is especially important if you’re undergoing a drastic color change or trying to cover up severe stains, such as those left by a permanent marker. If a primer is not applied, your paint will chip easier and certain stains may bleed through.


Exterior Painting Preparation

Painting preparation for the walls on the exterior of your home is perhaps even more important than the interior, since the exterior of your home is constantly exposed to the elements. Start off by pressure washing the walls of your home to remove all grime and old flaking paint. Apply a cleaning agent to particularly dirty surfaces before rinsing with a hose.

The next step of exterior painting preparation is using a scrub bush to scrape away any flaking paint that did not come off with the pressure washer. At this time, if you notice any mold or mildew growing on the exterior of your house, use the proper chemical solution to eliminate it so that it does not interfere with the new paint.

Just like with the interior of your home, it is important to repair any noticeable damages before painting. Fill in holes and scratches with a sealant that can endure Minnesota weather. While you’re at it, scrape out old caulk around window sills and door frames, then replace it with fresh caulking that can be painted.

The final step of exterior surface preparation, and one of the most important, is to use a primer as needed. Unlike inside your house, it is unrealistic to apply a primer on every inch of your walls. Save your primer for wood that has been scraped bare during the cleaning process and areas that you had to repair with sealant. Proper application of primer will make sure that your paint sticks in these areas and looks even with the rest of the coat.


Professional Painting Services in the Twin Cities

The importance of painting preparation truly cannot be overstated. Following these steps for the interior and exterior surfaces of your home will ensure that your paint job looks great on the first try and there’s no need for a costly redo.

If you want to have the interior or the exterior of your house in the Twin Cities metro repainted by professional painters, get in touch with Cascadia LLC today!