Power Washing


    Residential Power Washing

    Power washing the exterior of your house is a very important first step in preparing your home to be painted. During all of our home exterior painting projects, we make sure that this is completed before applying any of the paint.

    Why Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior?

    While you may not want to spend the time pressure washing the exterior of your home before painting it, this is one of the most important steps of the paint preparation process. As the home is being power washed, all of the built up dust, dirt, grime, mildew and other particles are being washed away from the surface of your house siding.

    If the dust and particles were left on your siding, this would cause the paint to not adhere as well to the siding and result in needing to reapply paint sooner than if you had completed a proper power washing service.

    As we pressure wash your home exterior, we make sure to do so carefully; taking into account the siding material, age and quality. If the nozzle of the pressure washer is too close to the siding, it could potentially damage the siding. During this process, the goal is simply to wash off the dust, dirt and other particles that are on the siding, not get so close that the siding gets damaged.

    High Quality Power Washing Services

    If you’re looking to paint your home and need professional pressure washing services, contact the experts at Cascadia. Our team has extensive experience in both power washing and painting home exteriors throughout Wayzata and the entire west metro of the Twin Cities. Call us today!

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