Best Areas to Paint in the Fall Time: Painting in Minnesota

The best way to usher in a new season is with a new color in your home, which is why many people prefer to paint during fall. You can give your home a new look and design during fall to prepareChoosing paint finish for your home in Minnesota for the winter months. Now that autumn has fully arrived, it’s time to paint your home!

During fall, fresh and well-applied paint will protect your home by protecting against elements like moisture and UV damage. It will also increase the lifespan of your home’s walls, cabinets or exterior.

With the exterior home painting season wrapping up due to the rain and cold weather, it’s best to check the forecast to see if the temperatures will drop below the suggested painting temperature.


Exterior Painting

Early to mid-fall is one of the best seasons to paint the exterior of your home, as there are fewer bugs and less frequent rainy days. When painting the exterior during fall, it’s important to check the forecast before you start so that you can avoid rainy days and cold temperatures.

The fall temperatures are also great for exterior painting as they aren’t as intense as the summer heat. You also need to take note of a few tips like starting the painting on the shaded side of the house in order to allow the new paint to dry without becoming too warm and not setting correctly.


Interior Painting

While exterior painting is do-able in the fall, the best area to paint during fall is the inside of your house, as this would give you a new feel as you usher in the winter and spring seasons. Fall is usually a great season to paint and remodel the parts of your house that you use the most, like the bedroom and bathroom.

You can also decide to only paint the ceilings, cabinets or the garage floors, as these would change the look of your house. Bring in fall colors into your home like shades of greyish green, burnt orange, muted yellow, rusty red, muddy brown and more.

When painting the interior of your home, you should protect the items in the room that you’re painting, cover the light switch and protect the walls with tape. It’s also important to stir paint thoroughly and apply a primer first before the actual painting process. Painter’s tape usually poses a problem, but you can make it easy to use by microwaving it.

Ensure you only purchase high-quality paint products, and avoid overlapping your paint. By doing this, it would make the paint job look professional and attractive. Paint the walls from top to bottom, and not the other way around, to prevent spilling the paint.

Garage remodeling is also popular during fall so that it would be prepared for the winter months and other seasons. Since you use your garage often, you should keep them in the best shape. Epoxy garage floors are usually advisable to use because they are highly durable and look professional. They are also easy to clean and maintain and offer more value for your money.

If you’re not confident in your painting skills, it’s best to prepare a budget and hire a professional service to take care of your fall painting.


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