Best Exterior Colors for Minnesota Houses

Nothing brightens up your home better than a fresh coat of paint! If you’re planning on selling your house in the near future or you just want to enhance its curb appeal for your own benefit, you should consider having the exterior of your home painted by an experienced painting contractor.

The big question is: what color will you paint your new house? Benjamin Moore offers a fantastic range of home exterior paint colors for your house in Minnesota, and which one speaks to you is largely a matter of your personal taste. These are some of the most popular exterior paint colors to consider for your home.


Top 6 Colors to Paint Your House Exterior in MN

  1. White Dove – Warm, bright and easy on the eyes, White Dove is a great choice if you’re looking for a light, neutral color for your home exterior. Pair White Dove siding with Kendall Charcoal trim for a pleasing neutral look and throw in a Country Redwood door if you think it needs a splash of color.
  2. Collingwood – Calm and inoffensive, neutral colors make a perfect choice if you’re in the market to sell your home in Minnesota, and Collingwood is one of the best neutral colors for your siding. A light mix of cream and gray, a Collingwood exterior can be paired nicely with White Heron trim and a Silhouette door.
  3. Manchester Tan – If you want to paint your house exterior with a beige that makes a bold statement but still looks neutral, try out Manchester Tan. To really make your house look amazing, combine Manchester Tan siding with White Ice trim and a Georgian Brick front door.
  4. Revere Pewter – One of the most popular home exterior colors in Minnesota, Revere Pewter is a nice, neutral gray that will look beautiful on the exterior of almost any home. Try pairing Revere Pewter siding with White Dove trim and accents for a beautiful, inviting home.
  5. Hawthorne Yellow – Warm yet bold, Hawthorne Yellow makes for an excellent home exterior choice if you want a house that’s yellow but not too yellow. Hawthorne Yellow siding matches up nicely with a variety of trim and accent colors, including Cotton Balls and Abingdon Putty.
  6. Hale Navy – If you want a house exterior that’s cool and dark without being off-putting, try painting it Hale Navy! This elegant navy blue would look great on your siding, matched with Coventry Gray or Glacier White trim and accents.


The Twin Cities’ Top Home Painters

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