DIY Home Painting: How To Paint Your Home Exterior

How to paint your home exterior - cascadia painting“Just buy exterior house paint and start painting, right?”

It makes sense to view painting the exterior of your house as simply buying exterior paint and begin to roll it on, but the process of properly completing this job is a bit more precise than what is mentioned above. There are many different aspects to take into consideration such as the exterior material, type of paint needed, preparation work needing prior completion along with much more.

While this view of completing a house painting project might seem like much more than what you were originally thinking, it’s nothing to be scared of. As you read through the suggested process of how to go about painting your home exterior, the process will begin to make sense and follow a logical timeline.


Preparing Your Home Exterior

The first step in the house painting process is to properly prepare your home. While the specifics may vary depending on what kind of house you own along with its size, building materials, etc., the basics remain the same. 

The first step is to inspect your home to see if any repairs are needed such as filling holes in the siding or brickwork, replacing siding boards or any other structural fixes. Additionally, make sure to check on your windows and other seams that lead into your home as this is a great time to peel away any old caulking and replace it with a new bead.

preparing your home exterior - cascadia painting

Next, in order for the new paint to properly adhere to the surface, you need to make sure it is free of dust, grime, spider webs, and any other debris that is on the siding. If you end up painting over these materials, this debris will be painted into the house and your home siding will not look as smooth as it could, and it could also be more prone to having a shorter lifespan because of chipping. In order to clean off the debris from your home siding, make sure to pressure wash the areas you plan on painting. The best method for completing this is to begin at the top of your home and spray laterally while moving down in order to let all the debris move downward and fall off the house.

After you’ve power washed your home and let it dry, it’s time to apply primer to surfaces such as masonry or wood siding. These two surfaces will require different types of primer to be applied, so make sure to purchase the right kind. The purpose of the primer is to make sure your final paint color doesn’t become affected by the surface underneath. Many times there can be water or tannins from wood that can affect your siding and cause stains, but the primer will block these from affecting your exterior paint.

Finally, it’s time to cover any lights, windows or other items attached to your home that you won’t want to get painted. To complete this final task, it’s best to either remove these items from your house or cover/wrap them with plastic. Along with protecting items which are attached to your home, it’s important to cover any landscaping, plants or exterior decoration near your home so these items don’t get painted.


Time To Paint Your Home

painting your home - cascadia painting in minnesotaOnce your home exterior has been fixed of all damage, washed and primed, it’s time to begin the painting process. Before painting your home however, it’s very important that you purchase the right kind of paint for the job. You won’t want to accidentally use interior paint on your exterior brick, or make the mistake of using an oil-based paint on a brick or stucco exterior. Instead make sure you have the right paint for the right surface.



  • Very durable
  • More time to dry
  • Blocks moisture well
  • Ideal for windows, doors, trim


  • Water-based
  • Mold/mildew resistance
  • Short dry time
  • Expand & contract with the siding
  • Great for wood siding, stucco, porch floors, etc.


While getting ready to paint, remember that it’s best to not paint in direct sunlight because the paint will dry too quickly and prevent the paint from creating a lasting bond with the siding. Instead, if you’re painting on a sunny day, begin your day on the west side of your home and finish painting on the east side. This will allow you to avoid painting in the direct sunlight.

Just as you did while washing your home, begin painting your home from top to bottom, beginning with the facia and soffit area. If you’re painting with a roller, you will likely need to also use a paint brush to get paint into the hard to reach corners. If you’re using a paint sprayer, this will likely reach into the difficult corner areas..

As you progress to the siding itself, it’s important to make sure to blend in the painted areas you’re working on. This will ensure there is no harsh contrast line between the paint you applied 10 minutes ago and the paint you just applied. To prevent this from happening, always try to complete a full board, whether vertically or horizontally, before pausing.

After you’ve completed rolling or spraying your exterior siding, it’s time to transition to painting your house trim and window areas. This work is best completed with a brush as it’s usually a bit more intricate. 


Finishing Your House Painting

finishing your home painting in minnesota - cascadia paintingNow that you’ve completed painting your soffit and fascia, siding, along with door frames and window trim, you can uncover all of the light fixtures and drop cloths from your landscaping area. You can now stand back and look over your home to see if there is any touch-up painting to complete. If everything looks fantastic, you can now sit back and enjoy your freshly painted home which will not need to be repainted for another 5-15 years, depending on what material you just painted.

Now that you know exactly how to paint your home, it’s time to get started!

However, if you’re lacking the time or ability to complete this task, or you want to entrust this project to a professional, check out the exterior house painting services of Cascadia LLC. Our top-notch painting company proudly serves the west metro area of the Twin Cities, MN. If you have any questions, contact us today to learn about our incredible painting services!