Is It Time To Paint Your Home Interior?

When to paint your home in MinnesotaAutumn is here, and with it comes gorgeous outdoor scenery, falling leaves and cooler temperatures.

The summer season was an amazing time to spend every afternoon and evening outside enjoying the warm weather. However, now that the weather is cooling and you’re beginning to spend more time inside, it’s a great time to spend some time rethinking your home interior by evaluating its style along with the quality of your walls, doors, cabinets and ceilings. 


When Is Paint Needed?

As you spend more time indoors, this naturally allows you to take more time to think about your home’s interior design and begin setting plans into motion. One of the most popular ways to spruce up a house is with a simple coat of paint. You may think, “It’s just paint… how much of a difference can it make?”

It can be HUGE.

In some homes, it might be easy to determine when a fresh coat of paint is needed (i.e. still having 1980’s wood paneled walls), but many of us with modern paint colors are oblivious as to when new paint is actually needed. Even though your house may still look “okay,” you may be due for new paint.

To determine when the best times are to repaint are, we’ve decided to address the 4 most popular areas of your house that you should freshen up. Along with these areas, we’ve assembled a guide of suggested timelines of when to repaint your home’s interior. 


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When To Paint Your Home Interior

Kitchen: 3-4 Years

With kitchen trends coming and going, you may be wanting to wait to paint your kitchen area, but there is good reason to paint it before the next trend comes around. Because of the nature of the room itself, messes are being made every day. Whether the messes come from splashes in the sink, splatters on the stovetop or baking ingredients on the counter has led to the general rule of painting your kitchen every 3-4 years.

Remember that it’s best to clean your walls thoroughly before painting so the paint is able to adhere correctly and last as long as it can. After cleaning, tape off the areas you don’t want to get paint on and remove all electrical outlet covers. This will make it easy to have a seamless paint job behind the outlet cover.

Bedroom: 8-10 Years

As one of the lower-trafficked areas of the house, bedrooms do not need to be repainted as often as kitchens. Obviously, there’s no risk of splatter coming from washing dishes, cooking food or any activity like that. Also, because interior paint hardly fades it might seem trivial to repaint a bedroom, but a timeline of every 8-10 years is typical for a new coat of paint.  

However, for a child’s room, you may want to bump up the timeline to every 3-4 years. Because of the amount of playing, drawing and various activities they play in their room, it’s best to repaint their rooms sooner than an adult’s.

Hallways: 2-4 Years

Opposite of bedrooms, hallways are a source of major-traffic is homes. Whether kids are playing and running through them, or you’re moving furniture and groceries through them, this is an area where scuffs on the wall are extremely prevalent. For this reason, painting your hallways every 2-4 years is a great idea.

While the painting timeline may seem much shorter than the rest of the areas of the house, this isn’t a difficult area to paint. Thankfully, many hallways simply consist of the two walls and ceiling which will mean that the project won’t take much time at all.

Trim: 2-3 Years

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Sharing the same reasoning as the hallways, your home’s interior trim should have a new coat of paint applied every 2-3 years. Whether you have kids playing in the room with their toys, scuff marks and dings due to vacuuming or any other activities, these situations will lead to fast deterioration of your trim paint.

Professional Painting Services

While laying out a timeline of when each area of your home should be painted, sometimes it’s easier to address the entire home at once. While this sounds like a great idea, homeowners are oftentimes busy with work, kids’ activities and many other social outings. If this is the case for you, hiring a professional home interior painter is a great idea.

Not only do they have the time to paint your home, but they will oftentimes complete the job in a fraction of the time due to using the correct equipment and their immense experience with painting homes. If you’re currently located in the greater Twin Cities metro and needing professional interior painting services for your home, contact Cascadia LLC. today! Our expert painters will leave your home looking stunning and ready for the next chapter to come.