Venetian Plaster


    Venetian Plaster

    Would you like to make your home look more elegant with Venetian plaster?

    “Venetian plaster” is a high-quality plaster created using techniques that have been practiced since ancient times. It is named for Venice, Italy, where it was used heavily in the famed local architecture. Applying Venetian plaster to your home’s walls and ceilings will give them a polished, stone-like look. Adding Venetian plaster to your home interior will make it look sophisticated and luxurious.

    Make Your Home More Elegant With Venetian Plaster

    At Cascadia LLC, our professional interior painters are skilled at applying Venetian plaster to walls and ceilings of homes in the Twin Cities area. We use the same techniques that have been practiced for centuries in Europe to coat all desired surfaces with high-end Venetian plasters, including Marmorino and San Marco.

    Benefits of Venetian plaster include:

    • Gorgeous, luxurious finished appearance
    • Durable with superior resistance to cracking
    • Easy maintenance and restoration
    • Inhibits mold growth


    Minnesota’s Top Venetian Plaster Contractors

    If you’ve decided that you’d like to have Venetian plaster added to the walls and ceilings of your home, it’s important to trust the job to experienced painting contractors. Speak with Cascadia LLC today if you want us to install Venetian plaster inside your home in the Twin Cities area!

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