Do you want to enhance the appearance of your home interior with limewash paint?

    Created from crushed limestone, limewash is a chalky, textured paint that comes in a full range of beautiful colors. Limewash has been used to beautifully paint home interiors for centuries, and it’s coveted for its unique and sophisticated appearance. Unlike most types of paint, which chip or fade with age, limewash only gets more beautiful over time, as the paint will take on a multicolored sheen as it settles.

    Improve Your Home Interior With Limewashing

    The interior painting experts at Cascadia LLC have the necessary skill and experience to limewash your home interior in the Lake Minnetonka area. Limewashing with brush strokes is a special technique that has been practiced since the earliest civilizations and, when performed correctly, it can bring unrivaled sophistication to the inside of your home.

    Some benefits of limewashing are:

    • Your walls will have a rustic, weathered look with amazing texture
    • Eco-friendly and non-toxic with no VOCs
    • Resistant to the growth of bacteria and mold
    • Low maintenance and looks even better with age

    Minnesota’s Best Limewashing Contractors

    When you want limewashing services for your home interior, work with the top professionals in the industry for the most elegant results. Connect with Cascadia LLC today if you’d like us to limewash your home interior in the Lake Minnetonka area!

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