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    Residential Interior Painting in Orono, MN

    home painting services from Cascadia LLC

    Do you require interior painting services for your home in Orono?

    Cascadia can provide expert residential interior painting services to homes in the Orono area. Our professionals can paint an entire house or just one room and either way, we’ll make sure to finish our work quickly without sacrificing quality.


    Premium Residential Interior Painting

    Cascadia understands the value of living inside a beautiful home, so we take great care when painting every room. When our painters go to work on the interior of your Orono home, we follow a detailed process that ensures impressive results.

    First, our crew will carefully move all furniture and decor away from the walls where we’ll be applying paint. We’ll also lay down drop cloths to make sure that not a single drop of paints manages to stain your floor or carpet. Before the painting begins, our experts will fill in any holes or dents in your wall, which allows paint to dry in an even layer with no unsightly blotches.

    Our painters will treat the walls of your Orono house with a primer before carefully painting every surface with whatever lovely color your heart desires. While we’re hard at work, we’re also happy to coat your floors with epoxy and perform finishing work on your cabinets.

    Our residential interior painting work is always completed in a professional and timely manner, and our crew is always careful with all materials, making sure your house is clean when our service is finished. Our painters will look over our work with you to ensure a flawless job, and we’ll quickly correct any errors you notice!

    The Premier Residential Interior Painting Service in Orono

    Our reputation for excellence in home painting has been built over time and our work always stands out as superior to our competitors. Contact Cascadia today for top-tier residential interior painting services in the Orono area!

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