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    Commercial Painting Services in Minnetonka, MN

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    Are you looking for commercial painting services in Minnetonka?

    Cascadia LLC provides high-quality commercial painting services for businesses in Minnetonka. Whether you want to give your premises an exterior facelift or completely redesign the interior colors of your office, our professional painters can help.


    Commercial Painting Experts

    At Cascadia LLC, our dedicated painters can revitalize the exterior and interior surfaces of your business in Minnetonka. Our team works on a schedule that suits you, causing minimal disruption to your customers and staff. We’re determined to complete your project on time and on budget without compromising on a high-quality finish.

    Over time, the exterior surfaces of your commercial building in Minnetonka take a lot of punishment from the weather. Sometimes, this can cause the colors to fade. Our painters use durable weatherproof paints to protect your building against the elements. We can apply these paints to various materials such as composite, concrete and wooden walls and doors.

    The interior of your commercial property in Minnetonka is where your employees and clients spend the most time, so it needs to look great. Our painters can repaint various interior surfaces such as walls, cabinets and floors to give your workplace a fresh look.

    The Best Commercial Painting Services in Minnetonka

    Your commercial property can be refreshed with a fresh coat of paint, wowing your clients and staff alike. Get in touch with Cascadia LLC today for the best commercial painting services in the Minnetonka area!

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