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    Cabinet Refinishing Services – Minnetonka, MN

    Are you looking for cabinet refinishing services for your home in Minnetonka?

    Whether it be in your bathroom or in your kitchen, the cabinets in your home in Minnetonka gradually get worn down over time. If your cabinets have started to show signs of wear, it’s a good idea to have them professionally refinished.


    Professional Cabinet Refinishing Services

    At Cascadia LLC, our professional painters have been refinishing cabinets for homeowners in Minnetonka since 2014. We only use the highest quality finishes and materials to give your bathroom or kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. We can also refresh storage cabinets in your bedroom or office.

    Our refinishing process starts with thoroughly cleaning the cabinets in your home in Minnetonka to remove dirt, grease, oil and wax. This allows the new finish to adhere properly to the surface. Our technicians then apply a proprietary sealer to protect the finish from the buildup of acids, which can cause discoloration.

    After cleaning and sealing your cabinet, we prime the cabinet ready for painting. Your chosen color is then applied cleanly and smoothly. Once the paint has dried, the cabinets of your home in Minnetonka will look brand new.

    The Best Cabinet Refinishing Services in Minnetonka

    If you want to give your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or office cabinets a fresh new look, it’s time to have them refinished by a team of experts. Get in touch with Cascadia LLC today for best-in-class cabinet refinishing services in the Minnetonka area!

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